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Vinyl Plank Installation

Here we see a project completed in September of 2019. Vinyl planks are a durable, yet softer and visually appealing alternative to traditional hardwood floors. The flooring and trim took just under nine hours to complete.

Hardwood Installation

This was a project completed in a Rothschild home in 2017. The wood choice of walnut is one of the most popular in private residences, and one of the most upscale there is to offer. Contact Darel to see if hardwood is right for you.

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Luxury Vinyl Planks

A light, soft, and wear-resistant option for any home is the installation of luxury vinyl planks. Installed in Wisconsin Rapids in 2019, this solution provides a water-resistant and scratch-resistant floor. Perfect for families with kids or pets.

Laminate Walnut

This laminate was installed in August of 2019 in Marshfield, Wisconsin. The 780 square foot project is one that undoubtedly raised the value of this home significantly more than what the carpeted equivalent would have done.

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Wall Plank Installation

This Wausau homeowner wanted to take a creative approach to revitalize her home. With wall planks installed in the home office, looking at boring and bland walls was no longer an issue!

New Laminate

After years of wear on their previous flooring, this homeowner decided to get a high quality upgrade! This Walnut laminate took about seven hours to bring to completion and will last for years to come.

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